Friday, October 9, 2015

Walls come tumbling down

The week got off to a pretty good start. With the roof gone, work started on enlarging window openings. It was soon discovered that after cutting openings in the concrete block walls, very little block was left over and it hardly made sense to keep. So the decision was made to simple remove the majority of the concrete block.

This was the view on Monday.

And on Tuesday.

The framing work started. Unfortunately on Wednsday the City came by and issued a stop work order due to concerns about the electrical connection still being hooked up. 

Seems like our neighbor called in to complain and try to make things difficult. Its silly because when this same individual began his own construction project next door and destroyed half our driveway, I didn't complain at all. Some people are just ignorant. Oh well, we should be back on track next week hopefully.

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