Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly check-in: Slow demo

More demolition has happened on the interior. The kitchen and bathroom are still mostly intact - they wanted a functional bathroom for as long as possible - but the rest of the main floor is gutted, including the flooring. A good bit of the basement is demolished as well. Demolition progress has been quite slow. I'm not sure who our builder has subcontracted to do it, but unlike other crews I've seen who come in with an army and demo an entire house in two days, this outfit showed up with three guys, two of whom did nothing but get drunk, break a bunch of lights and windows, and then get fired. Leaving one wiry guy who appears to be doing all the work himself, armed with a crowbar, a blue recycle bin that he uses to tip one load of rubbish at a time into the dumpster, and a full-face dust mask. I was informed he had paid $200 for it. I've been by the house a few times and found work boots, clothes and tools left out in the rain. Everything is left lying around, and it appears that a cat took a shit in his fancy dust mask.

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