Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Inside jobs

This update is a little overdue but last week there was a lot of activity going on inside the house.

Stairs! Not the final ones of course, but much better for going up and down compared to the ladder we have been climbing. And notice that the alcove next to the stairs has been framed in now too.

In the tatami room area the drop ceiling has been framed in. It covers the ducts for the medium velocity forced air system.

And here's looking towards the bath area. It is worth saying that our project manager and builder have done a phenomenal job of dealing with a whole pile of design related issues, from figuring out where to place light switches, to adjusting door widths so that they will actually fit. There are so many little details involved in building houses that I never knew about. We feel quite lucky to have someone so knowledgeable and professional looking after these things.

Right now it all looks like a bunch of framing and sheathing but you can still get an idea of how it is shaping up. We're expecting windows from Dalmen to be delivered this week and that will be a major piece of the puzzle.

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