Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Update

I missed a couple of weeks here, although to be fair there was not as much progress on the house as we were expecting and the drywall has only just been completed. The drywall was a two-week timeline on the schedule, and was actually supposed to take less so we could get the schedule back on track. Instead the drywall has stretched into 10 weeks.

The delays are frustrating. From what I understand the subcontractor was changed, then late to start, and then the house was too cold to start taping and mudding. Ottawa hydro was called in and did the hookup quickly, but evidently there were no outlets wired up from the electrical panel, so that caused another couple of days of delays. Some heaters were brought in, but they were small consumer grade ones and didn't produce much heat, and the drywall tapers wouldn't start without better heat. Without dry heat the mud doesn't dry and cure properly. Better industrial grade heaters were brought in and the taping began last week. It should be finished now and the painter is supposed to start next week.

Unfortunately the project manager at Bramel who was overseeing all the details of the build and schedules has left to join another company, so is no longer helping with our project. This came as a great disappointment and left us wondering how we were going to get through all of the organization and planning needed for the rest of the build.

To our relief the architect, Linebox Studios, has now stepped in and will be taking a more active role in overseeing the project through to completion. Linebox recommended our builder Bramel to us and they have worked together on other projects so they know what needs to be done. They've already provided painting specifics and will be focusing on one one aspect at a time for the remaining work to get it done by summer.

Here's some pictures of the interior drywall getting finished, and hopefully next week I'll post some with the walls painted!

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