Sunday, April 17, 2016

Prime Time

This update is almost a week since the last one and it feels good to be getting back to more regular updates.

The taping and mudding were completed, for the most part. There are a few areas that need further work, in particular the Japanese bath we room where the wall had to be modified to make a shower ledge and still needs side built up so the glass shower door will fit flush against the edge. It's too bad this wasn't completed as planned since now there will need to be more mudding and painting again afterwards.

The shower areas are awaiting waterproofing as well, and now that the drywall and priming are done it should be happening this week and tile started.

Also needed is to install the lockset on the front door, which is currently boarded shut, so the drywall mudding and painting couldn't be done around the door.

We purchased a wall hung vanity for the ensuite. It's not exactly what we had in mind but it proved incredibly hard to find one we liked without getting it custom made, which would have been a lot more expensive. 

We also received in the mail two electric radiant floor heating mats from Warmly Yours, which we ordered through the Home Depot website. They sell the product online only. It came pretty quickly but was missing the continuity tester that's supposed to ship with the kit, so there's one more thing to deal with. 

Now for a few pics of the house with the walls - they're looking good.


  1. Good to see the progress..very nice. Nice vanity too😀

  2. Good to see the progress..very nice. Nice vanity too😀


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