Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting back on our feet

On this cloudy and cool June day we met with the new builder to review costs and scope of work. The builder met with all our original trades to firm up prices and gave us a revised proposal. The cost was higher than their original estimate and there were also a few TBD items and some details about the retaining wall and porch that need firming up. It far exceeds our original budget even after cutting the carport and greatly reducing the back porch. The stairway that was supposed to be a central feature of the house will end up being a typical, rather nondescript affair. Cheaper materials are likely to be used in several places. There is a lot of remediation work needed. But we have to move forward, and we are at least thankful that this company can get the work done in a two month time frame with a full time dedicated crew on site. 

Once the work begins, we can hopefully start to sleep again.

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