Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Time for an update. After running around in May looking for a new builder and feeling like the world was coming to an end, in June we began to see things start to happen. We've had a crew on site every day from 7am with the site supervisor continuously present and directing the work. Unfortunately all the work has been about fixing stuff that was done badly or just plain skipped, so the bank financing won't pay for that. They expected it to be done right the first time. We've spent tens of thousands of dollars just on correcting deficiencies, and it's all coming out of our own pockets, which needless to say is a... huge bummer.

But today in addition to a bunch of structural repair work underway to repair the deficiencies left by the previous builder, I saw some things that actually count as "progress" towards completing the house. It's not a lot, but the kitchen cabinets were pulled out, the floor leveled (it was full of bumps and lumps and the tiler refused to tile over it) and the tiles installed.  So here's that:

Because they had to put more self leveling cement down to cover the crap work from before, the tile sit slightly higher than the hardwood, but they out a thin metal transition piece down and hey, lots of houses have worse so it is what it is. We can live with it.

Also prep work in the bathroom areas getting ready for tiling. There's a waterproof epoxy coating they've put on the walls.

This particular wall actually had to be redone three times by the old builder because they kept messing it up. With the new builder you look at their work and it just looks way more professional, which you can see in the previous post too.

One of the basement support posts that had been skipped by old builder. He did remember to charge us for it, but forgot to actually build it, like the carport.

Trying to properly fix the damage caused by the old builder reefing on the corner support post and breaking the wall.

And we can get in the door now... Not the final latch set, but it works.

And some of the pot lights are in now. They're cool lights. They're super thin, like only 1/2" thick. LED.
The basement patio door is in.
And they are getting ready for stucco.

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